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The first P!N Dreamkeepers scholarships will be awarded to students at Miami Dade Community College (MDCC), one of the nation’s largest and most diverse community colleges. MDCC lies in the heart of a major storm zone, and is marked by a strong commitment to the local community through its service learning program. Community colleges are gateways for our country to grow stronger in these times, and in times of recovery after storm devastation. An educated population is a self-sufficient population.

P!N T-Shirt

A stylish and comfortable way to spread the word about the importance of preparedness.
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P!N Hat

Rain or shine, bad weather won’t be a problem with a PLAN!T NOW cap to shield your eyes.
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Morgan Freeman & Friends

“Caribbean Cooking For A Cause”
This cookbook brings together a stellar array of celebrity stories along with coveted recipes from renowned chefs and top-rated resorts to benefit an island in need.
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PLANIT NOW asks for your support, to provide relief to those already in need, and to expand our message that preparedness is key.

Thank you for joining us to minimize the devastation caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. Your donation supports college students severely impacted by hurricanes, researchers finding ways to protect vulnerable coastal regions; microloans to Haiti, and other worthy projects. P!N activities include:

Public education campaigns in storm-zones throughout the United States and Caribbean

Rebuilding projects in storm-struck areas, like the IT lab in River Salle, Grenada

Scholarships to individuals impacted by severe storms

Research grants to scientists creating technology to protect storm-zones or minimize devastation once a storm has hit

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