Recommended Books for Kids

In a radio piece aired in December 2008, National Public Radio’s Senior Reporter Elizabeth Blair researched the stories behind two inspiring children’s books written after Hurricane Katrina.

Molly the Pony by Pam Kaster tells the true story of Molly, a pony who survived alone in a barn for three weeks after Katrina. After being rescued and adopted, she was attacked by a dog, eventually losing a leg and learning to walk with a prosthesis.

Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival by Kirby Larson, Mary Nethery, and Jean Cassels is also an amazing real-life animal survival story. It tells the tale of a dog and cat, both with bobbed tails, that were left behind during Katrina and survived together for over five months in the devastation and wreckage before being rescued.

Click here to hear NPR’s Elizabeth Blair speak to the authors about these real life, heart wrenching and ultimately happy stories.

On, writer Elizabeth Kennedy profiles four hurricane-related books.

Yesterday We Had A Hurricane/Ayer Tuvimos un Huracon by Deidre McLaughlin Mercier. Ms. Mercier, a teacher & counselor, provides an introduction to the effects of a hurricane to children ages 3 – 6 years.

Sergio and the Hurricane by Alexandra Wallner. The story, set in Puerto Rico, tells of Sergio and his family and how they prepare for, wait through, and clean up after a hurricane. It emphasizes all of the preparations the family makes to safely get through the storm. 5 – 8 years.

Hurricane! by Jonathan London & illustrated by Herni Sorensen. This story, also set in Puerto Rico, dramatically describes the experience of a family who, with little notice, have to flee their home for an inland shelter. 6 – 9 years.

Hurricanes: Earth’s Mightiest Storms by Patricia Lauber. 9 – 14 year-olds will appreciate this nonfiction book about hurricanes, which features photographs, maps, satellite images, and weather diagrams along with a chapter dedicated to the devastation caused by a hurricane.