NOAA Predicts Above-Normal 2008 Hurricane Season

Following the early start to the 2008 hurricane season with Hurricane Bertha, the NOAA and other hurricane monitoring groups are predicting an above par hurricane season. The 2008 Hurricane system began its unexpectedly early season July 5th with Hurricane Bertha making landfall on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. When Hurricane Dolly formed July 19th the storm managed to raise water levels to 5-7 feet in Galveston Harbor which is not a normal occurrence for the summer. These strange cases were followed by the very unusual case of Hurricane Eduardo which managed to remain at hurricane strength for 8 full days.

The case for an above normal hurricane season is a combination of different factors: the conducive atmospheric conditions predicted in early may, the strong early-season activity of Hurricane Bertha, Dolly and Eduardo. With the above factors taken into consideration the NOAA is predicting a 85% probability of an above normal hurricane season. This would be the tenth above normal hurricane season since the current hurricane season began in 1995.

The Climate Prediction Center has predicted a 65% probability of above normal hurricane season, and a 25% chance of a near normal season.

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