PLAN!T NOW awards four Miami Dade students with Dreamkeepers scholarships

Miami – PLAN!T NOW has awarded three Miami Dade College students with scholarship to continue their education in the first year of its new scholarship program.

Through the PLAN!T NOW Dreamkeepers scholarship program, PLAN!T NOW has given four $2,500 awards in the 2010-2011 school year to students who would otherwise face difficulty affording to continue pursuing their higher education goals. The PLAN!T NOW Dreamkeepers program, facilitated through Scholarship America, is part of PLAN!T NOW’s commitment to aiding students from storm-affected communities and helping them achieve their educational and career goals.

The winning students are Wilcie Bellier, Jean Joseph, Desiree S. Pierre and Marie Lunie William. PLAN!T NOW chose to provide aid to students at Miami Dade College because of the highly international student population, particularly students from Haiti. Because of the plight of Haiti in the wake of the Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake and the nation’s needs during the subsequent rebuilding process, students chosen for the 2010 Dreamkeepers Scholarship are of Haitian descent.

“In a rapidly changing workforce environment, completing college is an essential step in a young person’s life,” said Eduardo J. Padrόn, President of Miami Dade College. “The P!N/Dreamkeepers scholarship will ensure that our Miami Dade College recipients have a chance at an American dream of prosperity and meaningful contributions to their community.”

PLAN!T NOW aids students in storm-sensitive regions, as well as those who hope to pursue weather science or preparedness careers beyond school, through two scholarship programs: PLAN!T NOW Dreamkeepers Scholarships and the PLAN!T NOW Hurricane Relief Scholarships. Hurricane Relief Scholarships are given to students in four-year universities, while Dreamkeepers Scholarships are given to students from community colleges.

In 2011, PLAN!T NOW will continue its aid to community college students, and will offer a scholarship in partnership with the American Meteorological Society. PLAN!T NOW works to connect people in storm zones with information and expertise to help them prepare for a wide range of disasters – from hurricanes and floods to tornadoes and winter storms, and more.

“We are thrilled to be helping these deserving students with their education goals by helping alleviate some of the cost burdens in their day-to-day life,” said Donna Lee, president of PLAN!T NOW.

The PLAN!T NOW Dreamkeepers Scholarship will be offered again in the 2011-2012 school year. For more information, check back at

(Image is from Miami Dade College)