P!Npartners: UNC Hazards Center

P!Npartners: UNC Hazards Center
By Anna Schwab

Annual Meeting 2010

The Hazards Center held its second Annual Meeting Feb. 17-18, 2010, in Chapel Hill, N.C. Each of the Center’s 21 Principal Investigators presented an update on projects covering the main focus areas of Center research: engineering, social resilience, planning, coastal hazards modeling and advanced information systems.

The meeting also included several guest speakers who are preeminent in the fields of hazards and disasters. Highlights included:

  • Eric Berman from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who spoke about HAZUS, a revolutionary loss-estimate tool that helps predict damage losses from winds, flooding and earthquakes.
  • Michael Dunaway, who spoke about disaster-related initiatives at the Human Factors Division of the Department of Homeland Security.
  • David Schanzer, co-director of the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions (IHSS), told the group about important projects carried out by the Center in the hazards field.
  • Todd Davison from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Gulf Coast Service Center provided an overview of complementary activities taking place through its regional offices in coastal regions of the United States.
  • Special guest and Hazards Center Advisory Board member Gerry Galloway spoke about the importance of science-based policy development and the need to communicate risks to the public in clear terms that are easy to act upon to their vulnerability.

Annual Report 2010

The Center has issued its first Annual Report. The report highlights accomplishments made to date by Center partners, and lays out the direction for future Center research and outreach activity. A copy of the Annual Report is now available on the Center’s website at: http://bit.ly/UNC2010report