Kenny Chesney Joins Board of PLAN!T NOW

Los Angeles, CA — March 3, 2008 — Multi-platinum country music recording artist Kenney Chesney has joined the board of directors of PLAN!T NOW. The biggest name in country music, Chesney is the only artist in any genre to sell over one million concert tickets per year since 2002. His broad appeal as an artist and commitment to social issues make Chesney a potent advocate and a perfect fit for PLAN!T NOW’s boardroom.

PLAN!T NOW (formerly known as the Grenada Relief Fund) is a non-profit organization which provides people, communities, and companies who are in high-risk regions the information they need to protect their families, home, businesses, resources, and documents from the effects of storm and hurricane-related disasters. PLAN!T NOW offers assistance for coastal and island areas that lie between Belize and Barbados; and Trinidad and North Carolina.

“Having grown up in Tennessee, I was deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina and the stories of both hope and despair that followed,” said Chesney. “When PLAN!T NOW approached me about working with at-risk communities to better prepare for natural disasters, I knew in my heart this was something I wanted to do.”

PLAN!T NOW advocates empowerment of people through information and connection and provides dialogue between people living in hurricane and severe-storm affected areas and those who should prepare in coastal regions of the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Operating with the understanding that no matter where you live, a natural disaster can happen at any time, PLAN!T NOW advocates the power of preparedness.

“Kenny has an uncanny ability to connect with and communicate to people from all over this country and all across the globe,” said PLAN!T NOW founder and Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. “At its core, that is what PLAN!T NOW is all about and I’m looking forward to working sideby-side with Kenny to do just that.”

Founded in 2005 as the Grenada Relief Fund in response to Hurricane Ivan, PLAN!T NOW shares the lessons learned from the clean-up and recovery of that disaster to better prepare at-risk communities for the natural disasters of the future. Employing a strategy that includes: educational and awareness efforts; technical assistance; financial support; partnerships, and training, PLAN!T NOW aims to be the premier source of information and assistance for areas affected by or at risk for storm or hurricane related disasters.