P!Nsider tips: Hurricane U

P!Nsider tips: Hurricane U
Hurricane Relief Scholarship winner Jessica Alvey investigates how 3 major New Orleans universities advocate preparedness

New Orleans is home to approx.1.13 million people in the metro area and 7 major colleges and universities. Hurricane Katrina, and the fact that the City sits seven feet below sea level, has given university administrators good reason to develop intense, wide-ranging plans to protect campus communities during severe storms. The list below highlights some of the best preparedness tips and policies at Tulane, Loyola, and the University of New Orleans.

When it comes to storms, Tulane U says:

  • Be Insured. They urge students to get renters’ insurance. Their plans even explain the best ways to secure and protect electronics and furniture before evacuation.
  • Everyone needs an emergency kit with essentials like non-perishable food, flashlights, medications, and bedding.
  • To make sure you have an out-of-state emergency contact who knows your emergency plans.
  • Know the roads. The Tulane website links to state evacuation routes and offers suggestions about how far inland one should travel.

The Tulane University storm emergency website is:

Loyola U says:

  • Disaster plans are serious business. They require all students to create a personal evacuation plan and submit it to the university before they get keys to a dormitory or start classes.
  • Communication is key. An emergency hotline and website are operated from a remote inland server if servers on campus stop working.
  • Everyone will be served. Loyola has a last resort contingency shelter for those students, such as international students, who have nowhere to evacuate to.

The Loyola New Orleans storm emergency website is:

U of New Orleans says:

  • Personal emergency plans are mandatory before one can begin classes (like Loyola).
  • Don’t call us- we’ll call you. Students are advised to tell family to wait for their call in an emergency instead of adding to the clogged phone lines.
  • Remember Fido: U of New Orleans asks its community to plan for pets before an emergency, an issue which caused much trouble in the wake of Katrina with hungry, stranded animals roaming the city and struggling to survive.

The University of New Orleans storm emergency plan is: