How to Plan

What To Plan

Ready America
Hurricane planning from A to Z. This plan covers all the major components of storm planning and provides links to detailed checklists in each category.

Protecting Home

FEMA – Securing Your Home

Avoiding Hurricane Damage
This is a great overview paper about safeguarding your home.

This shortlist includes tips for your lawn and other types of property.

Protecting Loved Ones

Family Emergency Plan
This family-specific plan helps you decide what to do if you’re together when disaster strikes, and how to re-unite if you’re not.

Staying In Touch

Creating a Communications Plan
At&t’s Vital Connections program offers several important public service documents with tips the telecommunications giant has learned that could keep you and your loved ones connected during a storm.

Download the PDF

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When To Leave

Evacuation Tips and Tools

Evacuations: More Common Than You Realize
The federal government’s evacuation guidelines help you decide when it’s time to pack up and go.

This checklist is designed for situations where you have 24 hours or less to leave.