Be Informed

Get Prepared
So what can be done to help people and environments cope with the hurricanes and storms that are coming?

People and communities can get prepared. There are steps individuals can take — and decisions that communities can make that will make them safer and less vulnerable. That is why Sierra Club is working to raise awareness of the actions people can take now to prepare for the next disaster and to protect the natural defense system — the wetlands, barrier islands, floodplains and forests — that protects them.

To launch this nationwide effort, Sierra is partnering with PLAN!TNOW — the hurricane and storm-related disaster relief organization led by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. Together, with PLAN!TNOW, Sierra Club is distributing a series of Public Service Announcements, designed to encourage people living in hurricane and severe-storm affected areas to act now, before the next big storm, to reduce their risks and save lives and property. The PSAs also urge communities to protect and restore their first line of defense — the environment that serves as a buffer against storm winds and as a sponge to soak up storm waters.