Hurricane Donation Guidelines

Hurricanes are one of the costliest natural disasters. Damage reports from the more devastating storms are staggering — Hurricane Katrina caused more than $80 billion when it decimated New Orleans and much of the Mississippi coastline in 2005.

Direct relief in the form of rebuilding is a common way to give back — more than half a million Americans traveled to New Orleans in the year after Katrina hit to help the city recover. Giving money directly is another option, and PLAN!T NOW can help make sure your funds reach people on the Gulf Coast and beyond who are in desperate need of relief.

Isn’t giving money to an organization risky?

It doesn’t have to be. PLAN!T NOW has a transparent, effective procedure for connecting your donation with people who need it most.

If you designate a donation for Hurricane _______ relief, PLAN!T NOW will put 100 percent of your contribution toward that goal. Your donation in its entirety will go toward hurricane relief — that means no administrative costs, fees or other deductions. PLAN!T NOW‘s staff will work with you from start to finish to make sure your money goes straight toward helping people recover from the damage of severe storms.

PLAN!T NOW does not use a specific storm or incident to fundraise for loosely defined disaster funds. We have a detailed procedure for making sure your funds go to individuals in need of them. We will not use your contribution to pay for salaries, rent, administrative expenses or anything we already anticipated for our budget.

We pledge to honor your contribution and use it only for the purposes for which it is given.

What will my donation pay for?

Here’s what your money will go to:

– Item A
– Item B
– Item C

We encourage any potential donor to examine our financial records, easily accessible through our site.

These disasters are beyond the scope of any organization, government or country to handle alone. Your donation will bring rapid, effective relief to people who need it to continue meeting their basic human needs. PLAN!T NOW‘s procedure is direct and transparent, and you will be present for every step of the process.