Guiding Principles

Interconnectedness of Human Experience. Severe storms don’t discriminate on the basis of wealth, race or creed. When a storm comes, preparedness is essential regardless of where you live . How do we prepare? By consulting the wisdom of people all over the world who know disasters, whether they’re experts, federal emergency officials or survivors. PLAN!T NOW is a conduit for this information.

International Programs, Community Focus. Although we’re proud of the our international partnerships with a variety of organizations, each local connection and grassroots information campaign is designed to engage people and their loved ones in a relevant, inspiring and informative way, whether they’re fishermen in Haiti, farmers in Chapel Hill or somewhere in between.

Accurate and Timely Information. As a nonprofit with strong ties to the weather forecasting community, we strive to act as a gateway to crucial and precise information about preparedness and climate conditions. We communicate with the public via up-to-date articles on our Web site, active Twitter and RSS feeds and a newsletter that keeps people in touch with preparedness- and climate-related news of the day, as well as PLAN!T NOW‘s own operations.

Empowerment Through Knowledge. Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing what severe weather could mean for you and people important to you is a crucial first step in protecting yourself. We open lines of communication between storm experts and people who have experienced storms to people in potential disaster zones on the coast and inland.

Youth Engagement. To promote lasting awareness of the threat of severe storms, we must educate and involve new generations who will become passionate advocates for change. Recruitment of volunteers fosters this kind of permanence on a small scale. Our scholarships program rewards and inspires young people who, facing extreme loss and difficulty in the wake of storms, create change and positive forward motion in their communities.

Progress Through Cooperation. This organization owes its existence to the initial dedication of a passionate group of people — diverse individuals whose mutual compassion for a beleaguered island spurred change and relief. Our advisory board (read about the members here) includes experts in their fields, celebrities, policymakers and grassroots organizers whose combined effort and vision are the engine that drives PLAN!T NOW‘s progress.